Doodling with Fiber

Posted in spinning by tchemgrrl on November 8, 2009

A 3-ply, worsted-ish weight yarn. 120 yards, 65g, which puts it somewhere in the Cascade 220 classic worsted weight range. I have a little bit more which is all spun up and just needs to be plied. Superwash Blue-Faced Leicester, dyed by Susan’s Spinning Bunny. What for? Who knows!


A relatively clear pic


And an arty pic, because the light was lovely and because I just figured out a focus-related setting on my camera. Viewed ginormously, you can see the individual fibers are in focus. So sweet.

I didn’t spin the fiber in any particular way, as far as preserving or wrecking the color organization of the fiber. I tend to be less organized with spindle-spun projects, because they are more likely to be picked up in spare odd bits of time–just grab whatever fiber is handy and get started. Some of the top got split into narrower pieces, which will lead to shorter stripes, but some of it was spun straight from the top, and I paid no attention to lining up particular colors. I spindle-spun most of the singles for this yarn, and plied on the wheel. There were some extra bits of fluff about when I first stated spinning the singles, so I added them into that particular batch, just putting them into the drafting triangle as I spun, or holding them together with the top and letting the fiber catch hold whenever it wanted to. I did this for one of the plies, and did not do it for the other two, in the hopes that when the fabric was knitted up, each odd color stuck out and sang on its own, without ending up plied next to something that clashed. Should give the relatively monochrome fabric a bit of interest. I’ve been trying to play around a bit more with yarn, be creative, try new things, and this seemed like an amusing experiment. One odd spinning habit I have is that when a few stray fibers from somewhere else get stuck into the fiber I’m working on, I don’t remove them, I just let them in. There’s a teeny line of blue somewhere on the biscotti socks for this reason, and for me it’s part of the delight of working with a handspun yarn. This is the first time I’ve done it in a more organized, but still relatively random way.

I’m trying to come up with something that would make sense with this yarn because I’m really curious how it looks knit up, with those occasional stripes of other colors thrown in willy-nilly. I may need to swatch it, just to find out. This is often the case with me and handspun yarn, incidentally; I have a really difficult time just stashing it, because I can’t wait to see how it knits up. This doesn’t help with the rather ridiculous number of WIPs and swatches cluttering up the craft area right now, but I’ll enjoy it until the disorder bothers me, and then go on WIP-hunting.


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