Posted in spinning, toys by tchemgrrl on February 22, 2010

Okay, okay, I’m done sniffing the charkha, and I may have even started spinning on it. (Incidentally, my more knowledgeable friends tell me that the smell is just linseed oil. I thought that maybe cherry wood just smelled that way, the way pine and cedar have unique smells. It’s still lovely.) Let me introduce you!


And since I don’t feel like I’ve seen sunlight since early October, I can only show a picture with the flash to show off the grain.


So! Stats. This is a Bosworth book-sized charkha. It’s so perfectly book-sized, in fact, that it blends right when not in use:

book book book charkha book

After an hour or two of flailing, then comforting myself with just admiring all the bits and pieces, I got the hang of using it.

charkha spun cotton

Um, a little bit of spinning. I think this is a pretty clear demonstration that I like it. It’s so portable, and fast, and beautifully made. The yarn is still somewhat variable, but I am getting the hang of it and enjoying the process a whole lot. I think I’m going to be making a cabled yarn with this.

J was trying to explain the mechanism to his mom over the phone and it just wasn’t quite working. Fortunately while I was waiting for this baby to arrive I did a lot of Youtube wandering. My favorite video is probably this one, for the blinding obviousness of the spinner’s competence. She gives new meaning to the phrase “making it look easy”. It’s nice to see, and it’s an image I often have in my mind as I muddle through.


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