Haiku for a perfect day

Posted in Uncategorized by tchemgrrl on March 21, 2010

Crocuses, robins,
see a cricket game on quad.
Spring spring spring spring spring.


Posted in fun by tchemgrrl on March 14, 2010

I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of weeks–going home to see family, having a major case of startitis (so nothing to show just yet), and spending some time on the most scientifically organized spinning project I’ve ever done (pictures and post once I get the samples back from the friend I loaned them to.) But the thing I’m most excited about is the spinning class I’m running. The first session was yesterday, and it went really well–I managed to tamp down on my hyperness a little and the result was 8 for-real spinners at the end of 2 hours. Like, really for-real, it was so awesome to see. It’s a multi-session class, which helped a lot; I didn’t feel like I needed to turn on the Information Firehose while everyone’s just trying to figure out how the heck this twisty-thing works. This way, the Information Firehose can just get turned on a little here and there, as needed. I can’t wait to see what the new spinners have made next week!