Spiral Scarf

Posted in FO, knitting, made with handspun by tchemgrrl on April 18, 2010

A while back I posted an entry on this yarn:

mojave yarn

Which was my first experiment with spinning from the fold and a more woolen spinning style. This experiment bit me in the butt when I washed the yarn and ended up with something considerably thicker than I’d planned. In looking for a straightforward little alternate project on Ravelry, I came upon a scarf from Knitting Nature that I thought would work well, consisting of ribbed hexagons, increasing in size, arranged so as to form a spiral. Rather than try to figure out what it looks like from that description, let’s just look at the finished project.

spiral scarf

I really enjoyed this little project. I have to admit here that I don’t have Knitting Nature and didn’t even take it out from the library to figure out the pattern, I just looked at a whole bunch of pictures to figure out the construction and made my best guess from there. The way I built this was to knit all the hexagons separately from the outside in, decreasing 6 times every row. I cast on 6 more stitches whenever I started a new hexagon, making each one slightly larger than its predecessor. I cast on 36 stitches for the smallest hexagon and was up to 132 on the last one.

When I got tired of knitting hexagons, I sewed them together. And when I got tired of sewing hexagons together, I knit some more. I stopped knitting when I didn’t have enough yarn to complete another hexagon (I probably had enough to make one or two smaller ones, but I didn’t feel like it by then.)

Overall, I really liked this project. Even the largest hexagons were quick to finish, so I always felt like I was making forward progress. It’s a great stashbuster because you can stop anywhere along the way (though 200-250 yards would probably be the minimum).

The final result is really interesting looking. It seemed like a lot of effect for the time put in, so I think it would be a good gift. And I thought it worked particularly well for the sort of yarn I’d spun, with some slight variations in color along its length, which show up as little crescents of color going around inside the shape. It’s subtle, but it was enjoyable to watch it happen.

spiral scarf

I’m sure some folks would rather carry the whole scarf around than sew pieces together. I think it’d be very easy to pick up stitches as you go. It just happens that I much prefer to sew bits together at the end, so I didn’t try it that way.

The only downside is that I’m not a total fan of how it looks when I wear it. I had it on at a knitting group and more than one person independently commented that I looked like I’d put my head through a large flower–all I could think of after that was my resemblance to a creepy Anne Geddes baby, which put a damper on my enthusiasm. I might just need to putter around with it in front of a mirror so that I can find a good way of arranging it, though.

Overall, a great project.


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