Finishing Frenzy

Posted in FO, knitting, made with handspun by tchemgrrl on May 31, 2010

zoom of blue yarn

I spun up this bright teal superwash BFL three-ply a while back, and claimed, at the time, that I didn’t know what I wanted to turn it into.

This wasn’t a 100% truth. I knew what I *wanted* it to be when I started spinning it in September–a bright, happy, gender neutral sweater for a baby of our own. By the time I finished spinning it, though, some medical things had happened which made me worried that this wouldn’t be possible, at least not soon. So the yarn went into the stash, in the very very bottom of the bucket.

sweater for doodle

So you might be able to guess what this means.

It might have something to do with this:

week 17

Happy, healthy kid and me, so far–so healthy, in fact, that there is little to report except that all of us are really, really happy. Doodle–which has ended up being the placeholder name for this baby until he or she shows up–should be making an appearance sometime in November.

The sweater pattern is Paxton, an asymmetric sweater sized for preemie through newborn. I did the newborn size in the long sleeved version. The only modification I made was that I did not add buttonholes. I will be sewing on some snap tape, which I’ve done for other baby garments with good results. It’s neat, it involves parents having to do less messing around with tiny buttonholes when a sweater needs to come off NOW, and it means that I do not have to worry about how my sewing skills hold up in the presence of small chokeables.

I’m really happy with how the yarn knitted up. Adding bits of contrasting colors into one of three plies did exactly what I hoped–gave a little color/textural interest without detracting from the main color scheme. Here’s another picture that shows the colored bits more clearly.

sweater for doodle detail

This is definitely a technique I’d use again with a solid or semisolid fiber. And it’s a good reason for me to save the last little tuft of unspun fiber, which I almost always do for some reason.

Another note on this pattern: I had about 2 yards of yarn left at the end, though I did have a small ball of unplied singles left that I could have used in case of emergency. So this is a perfect project for 4 ounces of DK-ish weight handspun, with just enough left over to feel secure.


Posted in WIP by tchemgrrl on May 26, 2010

I often end up like this–2 or 3 projects that I’m putting significant time into, which just seem to drag and not get finished. No good blog inspiration. Then all of a sudden, I finish them all in a single weekend, and have an embarrassment of riches.

Which is to say, after slogging through some stuff that I wasn’t finding very interesting, I’m weaving in a lot of ends and washing a lot of skeins and FOs in the sink right now. I’ve finished things for the first time in ages! And then I promptly started a new project, which is halfway done after 4 days! And found a long-unfinished project that is compelling again and will probably only take another week to finish! And spun through a big wad of stash! And used a ton of exclamation marks!

Clearly I’m getting some mojo back that had wandered away for a while.

Pictures soon.