More Frenzy!

Posted in FO, knitting, made with handspun by tchemgrrl on June 6, 2010

Seems like a finishing frenzy should involve more than just a baby sweater, right?

Frogfoot socks

I’d been working on these tabi socks for J for a few months. He likes wearing sandals, and hopefully these will extend the season for them a little bit.

I went patternless with these. I decided to work them toe-up, and just started with a shorter figure 8 cast-on than I would use for a plain sock, proportional to the size of what I was fitting. The big toe compartment I basically worked like a tiny sock, but I needed to work the increases non-symmetrically on the section that held 4 toes, so that it fit the feet appropriately. The one thing I found the most useful while working on the toes was to have the feet of the wearer available for frequent checks. Once that part was done, they were a pretty standard plain sock pattern, and progressed pretty smoothly. There was a good chunk of time in the middle of knitting these where my first trimester happened when I didn’t have energy for much except planning naps and figuring out ways of avoiding queasiness, but aside from that they were a quick knit. I finished them the week before last and finally wove in the ends last night. They fit great! I’m looking forward to seeing how they work in practice once we get into autumn.

The second project started with this yarn:

apple silk 3

I talked about it in February. Two ounces of sea silk/worm silk blend from Fleece Artist. Not a whole lot, so I wanted to use it in a smallish project, but not one that felt too insignificant.

I think I picked a good one.

Apple Baktus

The pattern is Lacy Baktus, a variant on the plain garter stitch Baktus. A very simple knit, and one that did nice things with the yarn.

Apple Baktus

I had 2 ounces of this yarn, so I started to decrease when I had just over 1 ounce left, to give myself a little wiggle room. This worked fine, I had a *very* small skein left over at the end, which will probably end up going into some future inkle loom project. (This is always what I think when I see little leftover bits of sturdy lace-to-fingering-weight.)

Something about the combination of camera and time of day seems to have made this project read more purple than it actually is–the purple stripes are actually sections where a ply of dark green and a ply of pink lined up together. There are even a couple of those going right through the yarn picture I posted above, if you want to see them up close. In person, those stripes read as a brownish gray, like an apple bruise. When J first saw the colorway, he described it as “apple picking colors”, which is so perfect that I haven’t thought of it any other way since.

This yarn was also a bit of a lesson in patience when starting a project. For the first 10-20% of the scarf (most of what can be seen as the left side piece), there was a ply of dark green against a ply that shifted color from pink to yellow to orange. The ply of green kept everything looking very muddy, and I was worried that the whole scarf was going to end up being one undifferentiated blah. I was so thrilled when that dark green finally went away, because some of the brighter colors were allowed to come out and play. And in the end, I like the effect of the mixture. I don’t think I would have liked this scarf if I’d taken more care in keeping the colors separate. The bit of mud mixed in here and there help to make the bright parts brighter, but I wouldn’t have known that if I’d frogged the project early on and thrown the yarn in a corner.

So, two winners. Plus, my in-progress pile diminished so rapidly that I didn’t have another traveling project planned! Typically I’m thinking of the next project while working on a current one, and am all ready to cast on again as soon as I’ve woven in ends, but I actually need to go check out the stash for a bit before I pick something.


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