Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece, WIP by tchemgrrl on July 3, 2010

Day 1 of the tour’s not over yet, but I think that I am. Here’s the progress so far:

1) A charkha spindle-full of cotton, which used up about half of the natural white I have left and about 1/5 of the total naturally-colored fiber I have left. My return to cotton spinning was natural-feeling but still minorly disastrous–a number of bits that just fell apart when I was winding off. I blame the fact that I was socializing and assuming that muscle memory would pull me through. It really did look like just a matter of remembering that extra turn per make. The bright side is that improving my technique over the course of the Tour is now pretty much guaranteed!

2) Significant progress was also made on a batt project that I was working on before the Tour started. The goal: a light fingering weight 2-ply. I have two batts, and have been splitting them up carefully to preserve the color shifts evenly.

Batt Fun

That’s an untouched batt, and half of one that is ready for spinning.

I’m using a technique pretty similar to what I’ve described before, except that at the beginning, I’m splitting the batt into two equal-sized pieces. The first piece I spin from yellow to red, the second from red to yellow. Soon, I’ll ply them together, and hopefully I’ll end up with a nice yarn that slowly shifts in color from one end to the other.

At the beginning of the day I had just started the second batt, and now at the end I’m about 3/4 of the way through that one. I will almost certainly finish the singles tomorrow, and after that I’ll either ply or spend more time with the charkha.

3) I also did a bit of knitting with some handspun, didn’t goof around online too much, and mostly succeeded in keeping cool.

Overall grade: 8/10, mostly for the cotton not being very good.


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