Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece by tchemgrrl on July 5, 2010

Day 3 of the Tour:

Didn’t do quite as much today because of the heat and because I had some friends over–my morning was spent chopping up veggies for dipping and strawberries for shortcake, and my afternoon was spent spinning, mixed in with socializing and eating way too much delicious stuff. A rough life.

1) Two spindle-fulls of cotton singles on the charkha. There was definite improvement seen when winding off, so that was good. I finished all of the natural white cotton fiber I had, and now will just be going through the brown and green.

2) Made 3 2-ply plying balls for the cotton. The plan has been to make a 2-ply and cable 3 strands together. That went fine. Originally I was going to try some plying with a plying ball and some with 2 1-strand balls, but I loved the first plying ball so much that I wound everything else that way too. One handed plying! Hard to complain about that. In the future I will probably spin multiple spindles-full and wind them off together to save some time.

3) Started plying the cotton. I used the small end of my Super Hi-Speed whorl (22:1!) for the first time, and it was still a little slow, but that was just because it was a high-twist cotton, being plied for cabling (so WAY overplied.) I actually had to run my first attempt through the wheel again to add more twist, because you really need a TON to get things to look right. Using the zippy whorl was great, though; ultimately the plying probably went about twice as fast as it would have without it.

I’m most of the way through the plying, and I’m hoping to finish that and at least set up the plying ball for the cabling in Day 4, if it’s not too unbearably hot to do anything but take cool showers. 5 of the 6 strands of the yarn are white and 1 is green, and I’d like to boil the skein and take before-and-after pictures to show the color development. But that will almost certainly wait until after the heat has broken.

7/10–Not as much accomplished as I was expecting, but I’ve now made significant progress on all my cotton-related goals.


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