Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece by tchemgrrl on July 6, 2010

Well not only was it a work day, but we unexpectedly went out to dinner with friends and then went for a splash at the Falls to cool off, so considerably less spinning happened than on a typical night. However, enjoying lovely company, amazing Thai food, and crayfish crawling over my toes falls well under my Tour goal of “spend less time online”, so even if I hadn’t done any spinning I’d call it a success.

But! I did finish plying and cabling the cotton–about 100 yards, all told, plus maybe 50 yards more of 2 2-ply strands that I’ll add a third strand to later. I’m a bit disappointed in how much the green strand blends in; I’m hoping once I boil the cotton for a little while it will be brighter.

And I gotta say, that was a heck of a lot of work for a teeny little skein. In the future I’m going to be much more likely to make a 6-ply yarn than I will be to make a 3/2 cable.


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