Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece by tchemgrrl on July 8, 2010

Getting less done during the week, as I’d expect, especially with the heat. In the last two days, I’ve:

1) Done a bit of spindle spinning on the bus to and from work, and with my Wednesday knitting group. I’m finishing off more Fleece Artist silk/sea silk blend in a very different colorway than the apple yarn. I’d like to finish it by the end of the Tour but as it’s my walking-around project I’m in no particular rush.

2) Spun up about an ounce of fiber for the shop samples–destined to be a worsted weight 2-ply. It’s going quickly but I am SO not used to spinning fat. I have a sample at my knee that I am referring to constantly. Since the yarn won’t be knit up, I’m trying to make some samples that are interesting to look at, feel nice, but are still sturdy enough that they won’t look ratty after some handling (as shop samples are wont to do). It’s a very different way of thinking about my spinning, and it’s more challenging than I was expecting. More fun, too!

3) Oh, and while this is only fiber-related, I did get some pictures of some yarn that I FINALLY finished shortly before the Tour. I’d bought this fiber at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival 3, or maybe 4 years ago. I spun up enough for a sweater a long time ago, and recently I finally just decided to spin up the remaining fiber as a yarn of the same weight in case I need more. If I don’t, it’ll be nice yarn for a hat or mittens.


Here’s all two pounds (minus a tiny bit that I lifted for swatching or other projects.)

shetland closeup

And a closeup: This fiber was in roving form, spun semiwoolen to about a sport weight.

shetland swatch

I’d knit a little swatch at one time, although now I need to go back through my notes and see if I mention the needle size anywhere. I *think* I knit it on 3’s and 4’s. For such a fluffy yarn, it has nice stitch definition.

cat swatch

And I only had one chance to get a picture of the swatch–I was using the cat’s perch because it’s nicely lit, and she immediately hopped up to see what was going on. Being a wool fiend, she was happy with the gift I was clearly giving her. 🙂


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