Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece by tchemgrrl on July 10, 2010

1) A little more silk on the spindle. I realized today that I’ve made a lot more progress than I thought, and will almost certainly finish it up before the Tour ends.

2) Two spindles-full of naturally-colored cotton while at the spinning guild meeting, one of which was put into a plying ball with some white, to finish off the bit of 2-ply that’s ready to be cabled. I think there’s about a spindle and a half of that cotton left, so good progress.

3) Skeined and finished the 2-ply (last night, actually), which dried to exactly the type of squishy sproingy barberpoley fun that I was hoping, though a bit thinner than I was aiming for (more of a DK than a worsted-to-bulky).


4) Spun, skeined, and finished the “bulky singles” that were my goal for today. These were a total success, on the planet where 16 wpi is bulky. That may be my planet, actually.

singles gypsy

Same colorway as the 2-ply–“Gypsy”, from Abstract Fibers. I love the yarn itself–it’s a perfect low-twist singles. I intentionally fulled them a bit in the finishing bath, which should prevent them from looking ratty after handling at the yarn shop. I have another colorway that I’ll try for bulky singles with, but I’m not too worried. Every property of this yarn is exactly what I was hoping for *except* the thickness, so I think I have my eye in it pretty well, for a yarn type that is way outside of my norm.

Good day.


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