Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece by tchemgrrl on July 11, 2010

1) I was going to work on other things before going right back to the chunky singles spinning, but I figured a good night’s sleep might just have taught my hands what to do. And whaddya know?

flame singles

A lot thicker; hovering around worsted weight instead of sport-to-fingering. One thing I figured out from the first skein was that the yarn does compress a bit as it goes onto the bobbin, so what looks like an enormous ball of fluff will end up thinner and denser. In other words, the trick to bulkier spinning appears to be: spin WAY bulkier.

The fiber is from Wild Hare Fiber Studios in the Flames colorway, and seems to be a nameless domestic wool blend. Reasonably soft for a wool of that description, and a very easy spin.

2) I also knocked off some chain-plied yarn in the same colorway. It was a bit of a relief to spin thinner! The thicker stuff was harder on my hands because I really needed to have a firmer grip on the yarn to control it, since I don’t have my usual level of feeling for it. It’s still sopping wet, I’ll get pictures tomorrow.

I’m now more than halfway through the shop-sample spinning. It’s been fun to challenge myself with some different structures, but I’m also looking forward to getting back to my usual stuff (and also *my* stuff–I’m still enjoying myself but I’d certainly tire of spinning for pay on a regular basis.)


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