Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece by tchemgrrl on July 15, 2010

The main excitement of Day 13 occurred as I was winding my plying ball on the bus. The two balls of singles, which had been well-behavedly sitting in my lap, jumped off for no apparent reason and bounced gleefully down half the length of the bus, and around some of the clips and mechanical doodads they have under the seat to secure wheelchairs.

On a normal day I *may* have been over to bend over in time to catch them when they were still in arms’ reach, but well, there’s this squishy kicking bowling ball attached to my front which prevents the type of normal that involves bending in half. So instead I waddled after the escapees and wound them back around a nice young lady’s legs before giving the thing up as a bad job and breaking the plying ball so I could just get the damned things back to my seat.

Oh, and I did some spinning. But this seemed to fall more strictly under the heading of “spinning related challenges”.


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