Conversations with my son

Posted in Uncategorized by tchemgrrl on January 7, 2012

Theo: Moo.
Me: No cows here, sweetie. We’re playing with blocks.
Theo, more pointedly: Moo.
Me: (looks around) *Is* there a cow on a picture book or something? I don’t see one.
Theo: Moo!
Me: I’m sorry, I know you’re trying to tell me something but I don’t know what you’re saying. Do you want to play with your farm puzzle? That has a cow on it.
Theo: (Picks up a block–a yellow half-circle–and waves it at me.) Moo. (Holds it over his head, with a “duh, lady” look on his face.) Moo!
Me: (thinking it cannot possibly be) Are you trying to say Moon? Like Goodnight Moon?
Theo: (HUGE smile, finally the dumb lady figured it out.) Moo!

I’m kind of in shock, over here. Hard to explain why–it’s more than just the fact that he knows the word “moon”, which I hadn’t realized. I guess it’s that, while he has a few words now, they’ve all been used in very rote types of situations.

In high chair + do not want to be in high chair anymore? “Daah!” (“done” or “down”, we’re not quite sure).
Picture of cat anywhere? “Meow!”
Presence of jar of bubble liquid, or bubbles? “BUH-buh!”

But this is entirely another thing. We haven’t talked about moons much, except for the hundreds of iterations of Goodnight Moon (he mostly likes to read up to the page about the kittens so he can meow, then closes the book and starts at the beginning again so he can meow). We weren’t talking about the blocks looking like other things, just building towers, knocking them down, and putting them on our heads as a goof. As far as I know they haven’t talked about moons or used building blocks at daycare. And suddenly a couple of synapses happen to fire at the same time and out comes “moon”. (Well, sort of.) He’s starting to be able to synthesize all the information around him and communicate in ways that have not been previously defined for him. And that’s super amazing.

I love this kid so much. 


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