Posted in FO, knitting, spinning by tchemgrrl on February 3, 2012

An update on the ridiculously long project list I posted last week:

1-A big loose black ribbed hat for my uncle.


springsteen hat

Want to get a picture of someone wearing it to compare to the original image, before I send it off to uncle B.

3-Baby sweater for baby J.

Done. Also now just a matter of bringing it in to work so I can leave it on my friend’s desk for her or her husband to pick up.

bsj and matching hat

4-Spindle project, 4 ounces of handdyed BFL, spun as a 3-ply DK weight.

Done and then some.

tartan yarn

210 yards, 4.2 ounces all together. I mixed what I had with some scraps of aqua-colored BFL singles that I had kicking around in a different project, so I went beyond the original goal by a tiny bit. It’d be a fun baby sweater but it’s not superwash. Maybe a shawly scarf, one of those assymmetric triangular dealies. That would set the aqua-to-navy transition off nicely.

8/9-Calorimetry and Wavy repair.


calorimetry and wavy

And now bagged and sitting in the “eventual present” box which is empty, it being several weeks after the holidays.

11-Fine yarn spindle project, yak-merino blend.

It’s the current bus project. There wasn’t as much bus work as there usually is because I was home sick on Monday and too pooped to do much but look out the window the rest of the week–maybe a quarter of an ounce more done? I have 3 ounces and am about half done with the singles spinning, so it’s a slowly-but-surely thing.

21-Craft room sorting

I did start putting things in their place a little, and even destashed some yarn on Ravelry. Finishing these bits and pieces helps–I was able to rewind the leftovers from the BSJ without trying to convince myself that I’d need them soon for… something. And pretty soon I’ll have space in the “in progress” areas, so that I can restage the “not in progress” stuff. That’s one of the things I hate about things being as out of control as they are right now; normally I can approach it like one of those little puzzles with the 15 slidey numbers and the one empty space–what the heck are those things called? But right now I don’t have that one empty space, so I can’t even start in earnest.

So not too shabby for putting a dent in the unfinished projects. 5 out of 21 complete and ready to go out the door, and a little bit of progress on 2 more besides. I’ve now knocked off most of the of the ridiculously-easy-to-finish ones so continued progress is unlikely to be as speedy, but it feels good to prove to myself that yes, I do have enough time to do these things, even with this week having been non-ideal. It feels like I’m returning to my normal self.


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    […] 1-A big loose black ribbed hat for my uncle. […]

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