Quickie Mitts

Posted in FO, knitting by tchemgrrl on March 6, 2012


I made mittens and a matching hat for Th. in October. This pattern is from EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac, modified slightly for baby hands. For a coordinating hat, I knit the Norwegian Sweet Baby Hat, which has a similar mitering thing happening, and seemed like it would go well.

The knitting was no trouble at all. I used some yellow Dale Baby Ull I had sitting around (I have a LOT of random Baby Ull sitting around, it’s my absolute favorite yarn for baby stuff and colorwork). The stripes are some Koigu that I got on sale because there was only this orphan skein left–not enough for a single sock, so it needed to get stretched out somehow. It all came out cute. I even finished the hat just in time for us to attend a Very Cold Wedding (for those of you in the Northeast US–this wedding happened the same day that the amazing multi-day power outage early freak snowstorm happened. We had lots of fun, and now have some good stories.)

Unfortunately, the damn things are too small for my big dude. And somewhere in the midst of travelling with a baby through a wasteland of damn downed power lines, I seem to have lost the damn hat.

Damn it.

So these will go into the donation box, and if I have the heart to I’ll knit another matching hat someday, since I still have plenty of yarn left.


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  1. How’m’I doin’? « Fiberlog said, on March 8, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    […] 6/7-Mittens and hat for the little guy, which were already too small when I finished knitting them o… (Hat is missing presumed dead, I’ll finish it if it ever resurfaces.) […]

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