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Posted in knitting, made with handspun, planning, spinning, Sweater for JJ, WIP by tchemgrrl on March 8, 2012

I was getting tired of referring to this post with the neverending WIP report whenever I talked about a project, so I’ve been focusing more on the finished products than the arbitrary goals involved. But I do want to return to the list, all at once, now so that I can keep track of things for my own sake.

Crossed-off things are totally done (or frogged, in any case, no longer in progress), italicized things have been worked on. Links where appropriate, additional notes where needed.

1-A big loose black ribbed hat for my uncle.

2-Hooded baby sweater for baby C.

3-Baby sweater for baby J.

4-Spindle project, 4 ounces of handdyed BFL, spun as a 3-ply DK weight.

5-Wheel project, with two 2-ounce batts I got at Roc Day.

6/7-Mittens and hat for the little guy, which were already too small when I finished knitting them on his birthday. (Hat is missing presumed dead, I’ll finish it if it ever resurfaces.)

8/9-Calorimetry and Wavy.

10-Convertible mittens–found the buttons, at least. Next thing to work on on the bus.

11-Yak/merino spindle project.

12-Sweater spinning project 3-ply DK weight, 6-8 ounces into a 2 pound project.

Proof of progress:

BFL in progress

It’s the thing I’ve been working on at home.

13-Some socks in Jitterbug. Frogged, they were too big and it’s a shame to do that to such nice yarn. They’ll be something else someday, but they’re not a WIP anymore.

14-Geography Bee shawl. Have not touched it. That’s a lie–I touched it when I was reorganizing my yarn bag, and said “Oh, this is pretty,” and put it back in the bag. To return to it will require some inspiration and some time with the notebook to sketch out some lace ideas.

15-Christmas fiber. Haven’t touched it, but haven’t been avoiding it–just did other spinning projects first.

16- Cashmere. Cashmere, untouched! A crime against spinning. I found the bag of fiber at least.

17- Some samples for an article for the guild newsletter. Samples spun and knit. Article not written, but it’s not a WIP on this list anymore.

18-V-Yoke cardigan Frogged for overoptimistic gauge calculation. I swatched with different yarn, with much better results. Will start knitting soon, but again, it’s not a WIP now. (Or, yet.)

19-Thrummed mittens for Th. Frogged the two whole rows I’d done, it’s getting too warm for thrums and by the time next winter rolls around they’ll doubtless be too small.

20- Curtains for Th’s room. One good free afternoon or evening will do it, but I haven’t had but free moments recently. Now that I’ve been able to clean up the fiber areas, though, I have room to leave everything out for a few days, which will make finishing them easier.

21- Yarn organization. Ongoing. Isn’t it always? But as is often the case, getting rid of a few things has made room to really organize more thoroughly. I really needed to take care of a few things on this list before I could make a dent. My knitting bag closes now, I know what’s in my spinning basket, many random bits have found permanent locations. I really want to make a better craft space in the new house, and the next step for that will be to hunt down some inspiration. Anybody seen some nice-looking craft rooms, tables, corners, etc?

22/23-Cross stitch projects. Have not touched, do not care. They don’t take up much mental or physical space.

From 23 things in progress to only 9 in about a month, three of which are of the infinitely-ongoing variety, so it’s really only 6 undone things. Wow. WOW. I am really proud of myself. My craft space is looking much better, and I’m actually getting ideas for things to work on again–I’m not caught up with the hate-all-projects cycle.

Two more of these things (the convertible mittens and the curtains) will probably be taken care of within the next week, and at that point I will take a well-deserved return to starting a project–the V-Yoke cardigan.



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