Posted in Black Sheep Handspinners Guild, fun, spinning by tchemgrrl on June 13, 2012

Good things happening at my spinning guild lately.

1) Abby Franquemont is coming to the guild in November! I’ve been a fan of her spinning and writing since the long-ago days before Ravelry. Back then, she was on the largest spinning group on LiveJournal and I was but a raw newbie trying to spin laceweight Border Leicester because I didn’t know any better.

If you’re local and want some information about the class, I put it up on our guild website a while back. Registration will be available to non-members starting in August.

2) I’m teaching a class on working with hand dyed yarns this summer at the guild (probably August). I ran a class on this topic at our Roc Day celebration in January. This will be a refinement of that class, now that I know that yes, indeed, I *CAN* talk for 90 minutes straight on the topic without anyone drafting an inch. I’m narrowing the focus a little (avoiding the issue of batts entirely, frex). I’m adding more pictures and samples into my notes based on parts the Roc Day attendees thought confusing, and making some other minor adjustments to cope with talking to 32 people instead of 2. I really enjoyed the Roc Day class and it’s the kind of presentation that lends itself to a lot of other people talking about their experiences, so I’m wicked excited.

3) One of the guild members has been doing some amateur historian work on the origins of the guild and scanned a ton of beautiful notes, articles, and dye books collected by one of the founding members of the guild. Looking through the sheer quantity of knowledge is inspiring, and I’m really excited to put it on the guild website and get it out into the world. (I’ve only just started sifting through it but I’m hoping to have at least a skeletal “Spinner Education” type page up on the guild website before the next guild meeting in July. I may link to particularly cool things here too.)

I’ve been kind of a lump lately, but I feel like there are a bunch of things coming together that I’m finding very inspiring–the yarn swap, these activities at guild, some ideas for spinning and knitting project bubbling to the surface, some wonderful conversations with friends, yarnie and not.

There’s a lot of good stuff coming together and I’m happy about it.


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