TdF Day 4

Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece, WIP by tchemgrrl on July 3, 2012

TdF day 4

Got my second wind after writing yesterday’s post, and I did finish off this bobbin of singles and got set up for the second (of 3). My hands are trying really hard to make this yarn thinner than it should be, but hopefully it’ll be all right when all is said and done.

I walked into work this morning with husband and son, plying the Starcroft Fiber Mill yarn as I went. Was briefly tempted to ply off the third floor balcony of the building I work in, but good sense and fear of heights won out over desire for efficiency. It’s nearly done, I should be able to finish it tomorrow over the holiday, unless some other project leaps into my hands.

J asked me what I was planning to make with the orange yarn as we headed towards campus. I’m not really sure. It’s a problem I often have with the gift of craft supplies. Many people complain that a gift of supplies from someone who doesn’t craft is usually impeded by the giver’s lack of experience–a person giving a knitter of lace shawls some eyelash yarn, or a skein of sock yarn to knit a sweater. I’m fortunate enough to not have that problem; J’s mom, in particular, is a non-crafty person who always manages to come upon really great fibers and then give them to me. The brown yarn in this vest, for example, was some drop-dead gorgeous Corriedale from a small farm that she ran across in her travels. And my mom found some lovely pin-drafted Merino recently that is my next big planned spinning project.

But I do have a hard time coming up with ideas for what to do with gift fiber or yarn. I’m very much a “start with a plan and then buy fiber to suit” type of person. Even if the project itself changes, the yarn or fiber has that kernel of… what? emotional investment? inside of it that allows me to see its possibility. Sometimes it’s harder for me to get to that point when a raw material magically appears. I have the same trouble with fiber and yarn clubs. They look like fun, but in my experience the product mostly sits there and confuses me.

This fiber made its desires known in terms of how it wanted to be spun–all wooly and squishy, with a bit of thick-and-thin nobbliness. But now that it’s nearly complete yarn, it doesn’t seem to have much else to say. Perhaps it wants to be a skein for a little while.


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