TdF Day 5

Posted in FO, spinning, Tour de Fleece, WIP by tchemgrrl on July 4, 2012

TdF day 5

Finished the Starcroft Fiber yarn–colorway “Lobster Bake”, Maine Island sheep’s wool roving is the fiber, ~225 yards for 4 ounces, and a pretty good yardage for the thickness; I think it’s worsted+ for thickness. Lightly spun singles with a bit extra plying twist, as I like the yarn that results from that combo, particularly for a somewhat rustic fiber like this one.

As I showed yesterday, I plied this yarn on the spindle. It was getting pretty fat by the end, but I plowed through until the end. After my ridiculous plying attempt of over 7 ounces on a spindle, splitting an ill-behaved 4 ounce cop seems like, well, a cop-out. (ouch.)

I also plied a bit of extra singles I had, and am now eyeing the shoebox with lots of scrap singles balls. I’m thinking of making a scrappy yarn like one of my local spinning friends often does with amazing results. I’m thinking of having one ply be naturals/grays/browns and the other ply be colors and brighter whites. We’ll see.

A little silk, and I did some more of the BFL singles but didn’t get a pic. I’ll show the progress on that tomorrow, by which time I hope to have finished the bobbin.


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