TdF Day 7

Posted in spinning, Tour de Fleece, WIP by tchemgrrl on July 6, 2012

One week!

So far, I’ve spun about 8 ounces worth of singles and plied about 275 yards/4 ounces of those singles. Not too shabby. I’ve still spent more time online than I’d like, which is my main Tour goal, but even so, that 8 ounces is about 7.95 ounces more than I’ve been managing in a typical week lately, so I’ve definitely got something to show for cutting down on the screen time.

Today, I did a little more work on the BFL on the wheel while the toddler watched some Sesame Street. (It was too hot to be outside and we’d run through most of the indoor amusements already.) Unfortunately I discovered that “mommy sitting” = “mommy must want to nurse me for the next hour, okay I guess!” so I probably won’t be spinning when he’s awake very much during the Tour. Spindle’s fine, so after that fun I worked on the silk for a bit. I also started in on a silly little project:

TdF Day 7

Some of my friends have made really lovely yarns from all their left over singles, so I went into my scrap box and started adding things. For both of these balls of singles, I specifically pulled out anything that was 1) not too precious, 2) relatively thick (a 2-ply DK weight and up). One ball is only dyed or white fibers, the other is only brown/gray/tan/far off-white fibers. My thought with mixing it that way was that the brown tones would have a chance to mute the brighter colors more uniformly.

In going through the stash I actually found two plying balls all ready to go. This in addition to some of that BFL that I already knew was ready and waiting. So I’ll probably have a ply-fest at some point. Maybe that’ll happen during the last few days of the Tour when my husband will be away on business; I expect that spinning anything more complex than already-made yarn will be beyond me on those days.

There’s 2-3 ounces of singles here, and I have a bit more fiber to go. My main observation after taking a trip down memory lane with all these old threads is this: Apparently, I really like orange.


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