Games Day 3

Posted in knitting, Knitting Olympics, made with handspun, Ravellenic Games, WIP by tchemgrrl on July 30, 2012

A conversation with my son:

Scene: The living room. I’m knitting the rainbow sweater, sitting next to Th and lending an occasional hand while he makes Duplo towers.

Th, pointing to knitting: Eh?
Me: I’m knitting a sweater for when it’s cold outside. It’s going to look like a rainbow.
Th: ‘Ainbow.
Me: Yeah, a rainbow. This is the front of the sweater. Do you like it?
Th, nodding vigorously: Mmm!
Me: That’s great! Because it’s a sweater for you.
Me: Yes, for you! When it’s all done, will you wear it?
Th, nodding: Yah!

So my greatest fear on this sweater, that he wouldn’t like it and would refuse to wear it in a mercurial toddler way, may be unfounded.

(Finished the first sweater front, started #2. My calculations on the sweater fronts overestimated the yarn amounts by a little bit, but I was able to compensate without much trouble.)


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