Posted in knitting, Knitting Olympics, Ravellenic Games, WIP by tchemgrrl on August 5, 2012

Hokay, so sleep training now out the window because little dude has a fever; doesn’t mean that mommy’s getting any more sleep. Pictures, but little commentary, because I’m going to go to bed early in preparation.


As you can see, I finished the yoke (and was WAY off on my yarn estimates, worse than any of the other ones, but at least it was overestimated and meant I didn’t have to knit as much pink). I’ve just barely started on the hood. All is progressing as it should and I just have to stop knitting and admire it every few stripes.


A) this was me playing with the new camera–it seems great so far. B) I like how you can see the different colors of the individual plies in some parts of this one.

I continue to be way ahead of schedule–something like 2.5 days, now. The sweater’s getting a little big to transport on the bus, and my little niece is going to be showing up any second now (they’ve already gone to the hospital only to have labor peter out), so I gotta finish her vest so she knows it’s okay to come out. Sympathetic magic, y’see.


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