Games Finish Line

Posted in Knitting Olympics, made with handspun, Organization, Ravellenic Games by tchemgrrl on August 13, 2012

All the knitting was completed, the inkle band was completely woven, a zipper was purchased, it’s blocking, but is not assembled. It’s not every week that both husband and child have Hand Foot and Mouth disease and I teach two workshops. Call it a silver medal, tripping on my shoelaces 3 feet before the finish line. Pictures soon. My primary goal, as for the TdF, was to reduce my time online, and I did an even better job of that the past two weeks than I did for the Tour. It feels great to be making things and feeling productive; please remind me of this sensation the next time I start living on Metafilter.

Somewhere in the middle of the muddle, I started in on organizing and cleaning my yarn and stash area (again/more). I basically haven’t done much except throw things into a different corner since 2009, and it’s really starting to show.

I’m partly dealing with the mess through stash reduction; I finished off a lot of bits during the Tour de Fleece, which opened up my Spinning WIP basket considerably, and was able to pass along another pound or so of fiber at this weekend’s fiber workshop, so I can play Yarn Tetris and figure out how everything fits together neatly. I’m a bit surprised to find myself eyeing my sewing machine, too. A few of the projects laying around are sewing ones, so I may make up some little Olympics-like goal for myself but with sewing, now that I’ve had my fun with spinning and knitting. Maybe do some sewing for 15 minutes every day for two weeks? Something along those lines. But first I need to fit all the pieces together in their respective locations.

(My real-life friends are doubtless laughing at me talking about my out-of-control stash right now, because it’s a lot smaller than a lot of people’s. But it is very messy. Before and after pictures might be in order.)

Now that the random unfinished bits are beaten down to a dull roar, I can concentrate more on figuring out the best way of organizing what’s left. We moved a little over a year ago, and the craft corner is still arranged in a very temporary way; it’s basically the same setup I had in the last 3-5 apartments, but more spread out so that what I want is never where I want it to be. It’s my goal to not move out of this house for a very long time, and that means that I can stop converting my yarn tub into a coffee table, and find a place where the yarn belongs and keep it there.

Anyone have any blog or pictures of stash organizational schemes?


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