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Posted in knitting, WIP by tchemgrrl on August 21, 2012

It seems that this is a year for doing things I don’t normally do, craft-wise. I knit two of one pattern, I shed some old unpleasant possessions, I did a ridiculous amount of knitting and spinning for various games this summer.

And now I’m joining a Mystery Shawl Knitalong.

This is usually not my style at all. I like having lots of control over what I’m making (if this organizational picture doesn’t convince you, nothing will.) I’ll join a thing like the Tour de Fleece and then noodle my way independently through, teamless. So this is a stretch for me; hopefully the good kind!

The mystery shawl in question in Laura Nelkin’s Trapeze. Laura’s a local, and I love the look of her beaded patterns but just haven’t ever gotten into beads before. And really, that was about all the analysis I put into this. “Hey, I like Laura, and her patterns, and here’s a wacky thing she’s doing. Okay!”

Again, very unlike me.

A little stash diving brought up this yarn, a cone of Louet Euroflax linen yarn:


I’ve ordered beads but they haven’t come yet; they’re a sort of amber color that I think will be a nice contrast to the slate blue.

Here’s a bit of clue #1:

Trapeze Clue 1

Casting on took a few tries; smartypants me brought it to the Saturday knitting group for socializing. Mmm-hmm. Laceweight linen with an unfamiliar cast on and slippery DPNs while chatting. Right. Fortunately, Laura happened to be there this week, and helped me limp along. For this particular yarn and pattern, moving to Magic Loop was definitely required. I’m now a little more than halfway through the first clue, and at this point it’s perfectly straightforward. Fingers crossed that the other bits will go as smoothly.


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