L’s Vest

Posted in FO, knitting by tchemgrrl on August 27, 2012

This is a new little vest for my new little niece.

L's vest

I started working on this early in the summer, but set it aside in all the Tour and Games fun. When her mom went to the hospital and was then sent home with the baby still in her, I got back to working on it in earnest, with the goal of being able to tell the universe that everything was ready and that baby L could show up Any Time Now.

She arrived after the knitting was complete, but before I’d woven in all the ends. The Universe was listening, but also impatient with my procrastination.

The pattern is Just a Little Undershirt from the summer ’09 Interweave Knits, with a few minor mods for gauge. I swore up and down that I owned this particular issue of IK, but I ultimately needed to borrow it from a knitting friend (thanks dearmary!). The drawstring is designed so that it can fit babies at various ages. Tighten it and shrink the neckline to fit a newborn, loosen it or remove entirely for a larger baby.

The pattern was fine, perfectly straightforward, and the FO turned out cute. It’s a good alternative to a baby sweater for a summertime baby, and a good not-first-child alternative to a blanket (which I’m sure my stepbrother and stepsister-in-law have TONS of from their oldest).

The purple yarn was some unlabeled sock yarn that I got in the yarn swap, the lighter color was some white Dale Baby Ull that, thanks to the slight crocking of the sock yarn, is now a lovely very pale pink. This might be the first case I’ve ever seen of bleeding yarn leading to an improvement in the FO!


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