The Morrreee You Knooowwwwww

Posted in Uncategorized by tchemgrrl on September 7, 2012

At a recent visit to the in-laws, they gave us an old box of crayons that had belonged to my husband as a child. We brought them home and threw them in our own crayon box, and enjoyed using the new colors and noticing the now-retired Crayola shades (I missed you, Burnt Sienna! I used to use you to draw my mom’s hair.)

I grabbed a greenish-blue crayon with a wrapper that didn’t go with the other blue-green crayons, and read the name.

Copper. Huh.

I got curious.


Apparently, the copper Crayola color uses actual copper, and ~15 years of sitting undisturbed in a box of crayons is long enough to tarnish the outside. The crayon wax provided enough of a coating for the metal flakes to protect the stuff on the inside–the patina extends about 0.5 mm into the crayon itself.

I went digging through the box for the other two metallic shades. The gold is also patina’ed, though it’s a slightly greener color, so it’s either some kind of alloy or they mix the copper flakes with yellow crayon. The silver looks just about as shiny as it would have been in the early 90’s; I assume they use aluminum and not silver.

There, now you learned something today. You can go take the rest of the day off to knit.


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  1. fillyjonk said, on September 8, 2012 at 11:10 am

    That’s really cool. Though now I wonder about the crayons I chewed on as a child (some 30+ years ago) and what they might have done to my insides.

  2. tchemgrrl said, on September 8, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Haha, I’m batting a thousand on ecologists of my acquaintance’s first response being about toxicity. 🙂 I never figured that “non-toxic” meant “full of vitamins”, but yeah, that’s even less non-toxic than usual.

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