Festival recap

Posted in fun, handspun, knitting, spinning, travel by tchemgrrl on September 26, 2012

The Finger Lakes Fiber Festival was the weekend before last, and I have now recovered enough to talk about it.

First off: Perfect weekend. Mild and crisp and partly sunny, great energy in the crowd, everyone cheerful and chatty and enjoying their surroundings. There was an incredible thunderstorm on Friday evening, but we managed to set up just before it started, and by the time it was going in earnest, we were safely at the hotel eating dinner. The storm cleared the air for the rest of the weekend, and though some things got a little damp overall it was excellent timing.

For the majority of the weekend I was helping out friends with their booth, restocking and answering questions about spindles and spinning and how much yarn was needed for such-and-such a pattern. It was super-busy, but in a cheerful fun way, never in a “oh god so crowded MUST ELBOW THIS PERSON AWAY THAT’S MY YARN YOU WENCH” sort of way.

On Saturday at the FLFF, I took a class on tape weaving, which was really interesting, and which I’ll talk about in another entry.

I won some prizes:


4th and 2nd for my spinning. (The 4th, I will tell you, was out of 4 entries, so save the standing ovation.) The judges gave detailed, useful feedback, though, which I really appreciated. I already have some ideas for submissions next year and ways to improve.

I spun on one of Susan’s batts with my spindle all weekend while helping out, and in spite of the fact that I didn’t feel like I picked it up all that often, I still managed to spin and ply most of a 150 yard, 2-ply, 2-ounce sportweight yarn.

aqualime batt

The evenness is all over the place thanks to the hustle and bustle, but hey. Significant yardage under the circumstances. I have more to say about that yarn, but I’ll save it for later.

Fun weekend, good time. For anyone who’s anywhere between Rochester and Ithaca, I highly recommend going next year. It is my Platonic Ideal of a fiber festival–right size, right number of vendors, right crowdedness, right mix of people. I’d like a few more fiber animals, but as it’s put on by volunteers from the Genessee Valley Handspinners’ Guild, I figure that if something needed to give somewhere then showing animals would be the thing I’d choose too.


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