Posted in handspun, spinning by tchemgrrl on October 4, 2012

(I was humming “Aqualung” while plying this. My brain is strange. And full of Jethro Tull.)

One last post related to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. While helping with vending, it’s become traditional for me to get a new spindle, choose some new-to-me fiber, and spindle spin during down times and as a demonstration of how this whole spinning thing works. Each one ultimately ends up as a project that I bring as a sample piece the next year, and then the cycle starts all over again. (Previous projects that are a result of this path have included Paxton 1, Paxton 2, Hitchhiker 2, and some very orange pants.) This year, rather than taking a twist of top, I took a brightly colored batt, thinking that it might be useful for explaining batts to new spinners if I had it all laid out and in mid-spin.

I worked on it all through the mad rush of Saturday and less intense but still bustling Sunday, in between teaching people to spin, answering questions, and restocking empty fiber, yarn, and spindle racks. I certainly hadn’t been spinning for speed or with any continuity, and yet by the time I got home I’d started plying. Not too shabby. It’s not a mile a day by any means, but it’s significant to me.

Later, at home, I continued with the plying while playing with the Toddler after work. The Toddler has been studiously avoiding all things spinning-related, to the point where I figured he associated them with my not giving him my full attention and were therefore deserving of a cold shoulder. But suddenly the switch flipped, and he was fascinated:

Helping me spin

To the point of hugging it, or maybe just turning it into a phone.


And then, without any prompting, demonstrated a textbook-perfect palm roll.

He was even spinning it in the correct direction for plying 9 times out of 10, and was happy to keep playing this game until it was time for dinner.

Watching him do this is like watching him suddenly starting to put words together. He’s been absorbing it this whole time, but hasn’t been showing it in any way, and then the switch flips and it’s there. Fun to watch. I’ve got some bits of wool and a beater of a spindle all ready for him, so I’ll introduce those soon and see what happens.

Here’s the final yarn.

aqualime batt

As I mentioned in the other post, I’m not surprised about the thick-and-thin nature of it considering the haphazard way it was spun. 150 yards, 2 ounces, pretty poofy for those stats. For one ply, I grabbed chunks of fiber pretty much at random, but for the other ply I slowly peeled off successive layers of color, slowly transitioning from the bright lime green to the aqua color. It’s easier to see if I lay out the skein:

aqualime batt

I’m hoping that the overall effect will be that of a unifying theme but with bright flecks throughout.

The big question: what to do with it?


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