Jacob Yarn

Posted in handspun, spinning by tchemgrrl on October 8, 2012

I got my current spinning wheel, a long-in-the-tooth Schact Matchless, a few years ago. At the time, I had a minor issue with sticky bobbins that made it irritating to work on in Scotch tension mode (the Matchless can be used with any tensioning setup, which is one of the reasons I was particularly interested in it.) In double drive, it worked perfectly well, so I kept it in that mode for a few years.

I had new bobbins, had reamed out the old ones so that they worked too, and I finally got a hold of the fishing line I wanted for tensioning thanks for a coworker who fishes. Time to switch back to Scotch. I started with some very nice Jacob roving from a local farm called Spot Hollow, which I’d visited with friends a while back.

Spot Hollow

Aaahhh. The combination of familiar fiber and my preferred Scotch tension setup was a dream. The singles just flew onto the bobbin, and my spinning looks measurably better to me.


3-ply, 8 ounces, 300 yards. Pretty chunky stuff, and darn cozy looking.


I wasn’t in a bobbin-swapping mood, so I split the white and gray into 3 equal pieces, and when I reached the end of the first third of white fiber, I switched to the gray. The Matchless bobbins were just big enough to hold that amount. As a result, there’s a little section between the white and gray yarn that has a transition between the two. When it comes time to knitting this up I’ll either keep that as a design element or toss that yardage and use it for tying skeins later.

This yarn will be a warm earflapped hat for my husband.


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