2012 in Review (Spinning)

Posted in handspun, spinning by tchemgrrl on January 24, 2013

Same idea as the knitting review, but for spinning. Here’s what I’ve finished spinning in the past year, and what I notice when looking at it in aggregate.

-Aqua/Lime Batt, 2 ounces, 150 yards:

aqualime batt

-Spot Hollow Jacob, 8 ounces, 300 yards:


-Trillium, 4 ounces, 415 yards:


-Lobba, 4 ounces, 225 yards:

TdF day 4

-Silk singles, 225 yards, 2 ounces:


-Rainbow yarn, 300 yards, 4 ounces, and various plied scraps, of 45, 40, 180, 50 yards respectively (and another 100 yards not shown):

Final TdF Tally

-BFL, about 400 final yards out of a sweater-sized lot:

Black and Bluefaced closeup

-Tartan, 4 ounces, 210 yards:

tartan yarn

-Silver Batt, 4 ounces, 270 yards:


-Yak/merino, 3 ounces, 195 yards:


-Superwash wool, 3.8 ounces, 315 yards (no completed picture yet):


And some shop samples that haven’t been washed or photographed. And a bunch of samples from Abby Franquemont’s class in November (which I should talk about here because it was wonderful.)

Hot diggity. Apparently I spun about more completed yardage than I knit. That may explain the relatively low knitting output. A few of these things went into knitted projects or were given as gifts, but most of them are waiting for me in the stash. I thought the fiber box was looking a little thin, and now I know why.

Here’s where my spinning goals and knitting goals may interface a little funny. I had mentioned in the last entry that I’d like to knit a few larger-scale projects, but the handspun I’m the most excited about is the colorful, smaller-scale skeins. I did a lot of experimentation with color and how to control handdyed fibers this year, and I want to know how all those things came out before I go spouting off too much about good ways of doing these things. And I have a few more of those experiments to go before I’ll REALLY be ready to write or teach or communicate about them.

I did a lot of what I’d think of as “comfort zone spinning” this year; same as the knitting. 2 and 3 ply sport to worsted weight stuff that is fun to spin while not adding much to my repertoire. I did enjoy the experimentations with color that I did, but I mostly kept the spinning to stuff I’m pretty used to. I have a singles-heavy project that I just started working on that should expand my horizons a bit. I’m okay with what I’ve been making, though, so my main goal may be to knit up more of my handspun and learn more about it from that end. I’m okay with having a knitting-heavy year.


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