Posted in Uncategorized by tchemgrrl on January 16, 2015

2015 already?

Last year, and the year before last, I made the mistake of mixing business and pleasure, of taking crafts that I enjoy and friends that I like spending time with and putting myself in charge of stuff. It turns out that I am 100% incapable of handling that, of having stress in my fun time or of having fun during stress time, of disappointing my friends and myself over things that are supposed to be my happy place. It put me into a yucky avoidant place that took about 18 months to get through. Not past, yet, not really. But getting there.

My job gives us the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s off, and I spent that time organizing the craft stuff. For the first time in a long time, sorting through the fiber, yarn, books, and long-abandoned projects filled me with pleasure and excitement rather than dread and exhaustion. At the end of the week, everything was in its place and I had about two dozen ideas for projects. I finished a couple of easy-to-finish projects, including two shawls that literally just needed to be blocked. I ordered some things I need to do the minor finishing jobs on others. In chatting with my son about yarn and fiber, he asked if I could make a teddy bear for him, so we went on Ravelry together, found one with a face he liked, and I started working on it. I frogged some dreary projects and found new uses for the yarn. I cataloged the stash and made a note of some high-impact ways of clearing out some stash.

I enjoyed the process. Which hadn’t happened in a long time.

My goals for the year are to make more things, clean more things, volunteer for less, and to show my love through more, more conscious, actions.